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Hyip all monitor.What is the best monitoring of HYIP projects 2021?

June 6, 2018
Author: Admin

HYIP monitor – an advertising platform for investment projects (HYIP projects), which monitors their performance. HYIP takes to its site all the projects for which they paid. This will be a serious hyip project with design, offices and employees, and a quickly done non-serious project, which may close in a few months or days. If the owner of the project paid the monitoring administrator – they add it to the site and advertise.

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How does HYIP monitoring work?

The HYIP monitor earns by posting HYIP projects on its website. HYIP project administrators pays for advertising on the monitor. If the project administrator pays $ 500 for monitoring advertising, then monitoring keeps $ 100 of it, and contributes $ 400 to the project, so that he can then derive interest and show that this project pays. And the percentage of the advertised project is the second source of monitoring earnings.


HYIP monitor conducts daily tracking of payments on deposits and monitors the relevance of the status of the HYIP program and project.

Unfortunately, not always HYIP monitors can fairly evaluate a project. The administrators of HYIP projects are tricky – they stop making payments to all participants, except for monitoring. And since HYIP monitors rarely can track the real situation, they have a HYIP project that does not pay, it may be with the status of “pays”.

Often unscrupulous administrators of HYIP monitors post untruthful information on their advertising site for money.

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