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What is HYIP Bitcoin?

April 14, 2018
Author: Admin

You may have already seen the name “Bitcoin Hyip, or Bitcoin HYIP” somewhere.
We will tell you what is Bitcoin HYIP and is it a good option for Bitcoin investors.


What is HYIP?

HYIP – means a highly profitable investment program. They have existed for a long time and are not new to bitcoins or cryptocurrencies.

Hype is a marketing scheme that involves the payment of income to earlier investors by money invested by new investors. As a result, you can really make good money if you enter early enough. However, this is not a very stable model. As soon as new investors stop coming, cash flow ceases, leaving many investors with significant losses.


To get high returns, HYIPs often attract investor money invested in projects such as stock or bond trading or sports betting. Bitcoin-hype works the same way, only with bitcoins as an investment currency. Those who work with bitcoin highpayers want to benefit from the increasing popularity of investing in cryptocurrencies, as well as from unhindered payments made by cryptocurrencies.

One of the common options in HYIP Bitcoin is investing in a mining pool. The idea of ​​this is to send money to cryptocurrency mining, and the reward from mining is already paid to the participants.
How can I find a real and less risky Bitcoin HYIP?
For any investment in cryptocurrency, it is important to conduct your own thorough research. Find as much material about the program as possible before investing.
If a scheme promises revenue of 1% per day or less, it is less risky than 60% per month.

Bitcoin HYIPs – Briefly
HYIPs should be processed similarly to ICOs or anything else on the blockchain. It is necessary to conduct your own research, and if you expect to double your money per month, know that you are at risk!
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