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HYIP monitor. What HYIP monitoring are available

July 13, 2021
Author: Admin

What is a HYIP monitor. What HYIP monitoring are available


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-HYIP monitor or HYIP monitoring is a resource on the Internet (simply a website) that monitors the work of HYIP projects and finds out whether they pay. HYIP projects that pay are designated in a certain way.

In short, this is the place where HYIP projects are collected, which are studied by monitoring and a verdict is issued for each.

The main benefits of monitoring are brought by HYIPs, which pay also to investors who are just determined with the project.

Previously, all the work on HYIP research was carried out by forums with reviews and comments, but when faced with the fact that often calls are not true, HYIP monitoring took over this role of arbiters.

The monitoring administrator should perform the functions:


1.Constantly monitor the work of HYIPs and display this information on your resource

2.Disseminate up-to-date information about HYIPs on forums, social networks

3.Constantly pay refback

4. Regulate insurance premiums if a project insurance fund has been created on monitoring

5. Refback – payment of devidends to a referral for paying a deposit. All projects have their own referral program, in which referrals are paid a bonus for attracting (driving) customers.



How HYIP monitoring works

1 The administrator and owner (creator) of the HYIP project submits an application for placing his project on monitoring.
2 Monitoring posts the project and monitors its work.
3 The future potential investor-investor, reading about the HYIP project, decides to deposit funds.
4 The investor, using the referral link on the monitoring, follows it and contributes funds to the HYIP project.


What monitoring shows:

  1. Minimum deposit amount;
  2. Company status (working or not);
  3. Payment method to investors (manual or automatic);
  4. investment plan (marketing);
  5. payment systems that are in the project;
  6. start time of the project;
  7. refback size

The financial project status can be:

1.Paying. Funds are paid to investors regularly

2.Expectation. Funds haven’t been paid yet

3. Problems. Interruptions in payments to depositors

4. Scam / Doesn’t pay. The project does not fulfill its obligations and does not pay funds to investors

How fair HYIP monitors exist.


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Monitoring administrators have 4 income items:

For posting the project on the monitoring site
Additional placement of banners and advertisements
Sale of VIP statuses
Profit from referral links

How dishonest HYIP monitors make money

Increase company ratings
Post inflated reviews and comments
Displays the “paying” status after payments have stopped

HYIP monitoring with insurance
Insurance is divided into:

Full reimburses the depositor for the entire amount of losses (rare)
Partial – covers only part of the losses (up to 50%)


Insurance terms are divided into:

Perpetual – insures the contribution for all the positiveness of the company
Temporary – insures only for a certain time
The investor does not pay for insurance at the beginning. These payments are made either by monitoring or by the HYIP administrator himself

The insurance is paid by the creator of the hype. He deposits funds to the monitoring account, thereby increasing the latter’s loyalty to himself
The insurance is paid for by monitoring. Often, the monitoring itself pays for the insurance due to its mistake on the overrated rating of the company

How to determine if HYIP monitoring is fair

Offer the monitoring administrator for a certain amount to place false information on the monitoring.
Read reviews on the Internet, or better on well-known forms and blogs
Compare the project statuses of this monitoring with others. If the project does not pay on the other, but pays on this, then the monitoring is dishonest


Pros and cons of monitoring


Massiveness of projects in one place. No need to search for projects on the Internet
Professional local presentation of the most important information


One-way presentation of information. Often subjective opinion of monitoring
Submission of false information is possible
Weak analytics and money chase
Boosted ratings, reviews

Сonclusions-Monitoring HYIP projects is a way of evaluating investment companies. Such a resource makes it possible to focus new projects and conduct an analysis on them. Unfortunately, there is no way to be sure of the veracity of the assessment of certain companies.