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Was ist HYIP?

May 5, 2020
Author: Admin

Many people ask the question, what is HYIP? “High Yield Investment Program” is translated as high yield investment program. Such a program (in what follows we will call the project) is a business that is built on attracting investors and their money.


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The most striking example of such a project is the BANKING SYSTEM. It issues loans, at the expense of deposits, deposits of individuals and legal entities, earning on interest. The essence of HYIP projects is such that the project collects deposits from some and, minus its interest, gives out to others. If the percentage of issuance is not high, then such a project can exist for years, but if it is high, then the project can be short-term.

HYIP projects are divided into three main types: – high-interest – the depositor’s income is expected to be over 50% per month of the deposit amount. As a rule, such projects are developed for a short time and can be risky. – medium interest – projects with an interest rate from 25% to 50%.

The most numerous group of HYIPs (HYIP). They have the opportunity to implement the most balanced financial policy and marketing. Their life span ranges from one and a half to two years. It is in such HYIP programs and projects that it is safest to invest. – low-interest – HYIPs with an interest rate of less than 25%, which can freely exist for decades. These are the least risky projects on which you won’t be able to earn much, but the risk of losing money is reduced to zero. To have a decent income in such a project, you need to invest a large amount, and not everyone has the opportunity.

How to make money on HYIPs. In HYIP projects, those who entered the project at the initial stage and developed the largest branch of investors get the greatest benefit. There are resources on the Internet for monitoring such HYIP projects that are relevant today. They tell contributors who are paying and who are not. Today it is possible to create your own HYIP from scratch based on a ready-made script (engine) and design. We recommend that if you decide to create your project, then create your project with low rates, honest and for years!)