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Video creation for DeFi and smart contracts … and what is it?

February 1, 2020
Author: Admin

DeFi is decentralized. a financial project, or decentralized finance for short.

Decentralized financial systems are financial systems that are built on an ecosystem of blockchain networks and are protected from any outside interference. In other words, these are blockchain services that are transparent and accessible to everyone who participates in them.


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This ecosystem belongs to the group that is protected from theft, fraudulent activities and any other interventions that can disrupt the stable operation of the system.
DeFi investors have full control over the assets of the system and communicate with each other using peer-to-peer P2P decentralized applications.
The advantages of such a system include easy access, full control over assets and funds by the investors and depositors themselves.
Another important advantage of the DeFi system is the LENDING ability.

Such lending, in turn, is more promising compared to banking, because it provides instant settlement, security of digital assets and the complete absence of debt and credit checks.
Smart contracts are such contracts that are unquestioningly and automatically executed by the system and do not depend on the human factor.
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