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Hyip advertising. Trends in HYIP ADS for 2021 New items

January 10, 2021
Author: Admin

Despite the volatility of the bitcoin rate, the mood of investors is very optimistic. The world economy has begun to show slow growth, oil and gold prices are rising, people are being vaccinated against the pandemic.

To create the project itself (design, script for HYIP), build a well-thought-out project strategy – that’s not all. More precisely, this is just the beginning – 35% of success.
The advertising campaign has a special and main importance in promoting the project.

In 2021, new advertising trends have been added, which will significantly increase the profitability of HYIP projects.

1) Project QR Code – Create a QR code for your project and place it in various types of advertising media, from websites and forums, to a video presentation at the end of a commercial. For a long time ago, go to the site manually and remember the name of the project in our rapidly developing world.

2) Wave of audio communication – tame users of streaming audio and video services. Prepare audio and video ads that you can listen to and receive without looking at the screen.

3) Personalization of the project and market segmentation – ads has become more personalized. The client wants to be addressed not to everyone, but to him personally. Divide clients into categories – separately address the male audience, and the female audience. Influence the younger and older generations differently. Create different advertising texts for different segments of the population.

4) Development of voice commerce – the development of smart speakers and voice search through them brings audio ads to a new professional level. Set up your site for voice search.

5) Chatbots are the trend of 2021. By connecting chat bots to the project, you gradually acquaint the investor with the project. Investors do not feel intrusive advertising, but they slowly delve into it.

6) Alternative and Niche Social Media Ads Channels – Alternative social media are gaining more and more. Advertise on Snapchat, Pinterest, Medium, and Reddit

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Conclusions: the main direction in the development of HYIP projects and leadership is occupied by video advertising. The number of video services is increasing significantly, the investor prefers to watch and listen. Print content is starting to give way to audio ads. Increasingly, we see people wearing headphones who find it difficult and uncomfortable to read on the go. Connect QR codes for the lazy. Segment and personalize your content on the site, segment messages and video ads for different categories of people. Increase omnichannel – 1-2 advertising channels stop working. And most importantly, create a good product, and we will make you an excellent video and audio advertisement!)

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