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The best hyip advertising for an investment project on hyip monitors, or is it NOT? .. (about where to generate traffic …)

June 19, 2021
Author: Admin

More and more, lately, I have been asked how best to generate traffic for an investment project and where to find an investor?

… A couple of partners got together as a team, ordered a design and a script and … started! But, … even after placing ads on a couple of dozen hyip monitors, for some reason the traffic did not go …


What’s the matter?

Let’s turn our attention to monitoring. These are resource sites made professionally and in a narrowly targeted manner, literally stuffed with slang, clearly not for a simple guy from the provinces with $ 3 hundred in his pocket. He will not understand such words, not that he will delve into the project. Yes, there are 10K monitors (10 thousand visitors per month), but let’s figure out who the client is ?!

Not all newbies know what a HYIP is, not everyone will understand what the monitor has to do with it, and when they enter they will be completely lost – banners, banners, banners, slang, icons, colored numbers and even graphics. This is what the forbes monkey read. No, I have not forgiven HYIP monitoring, and there are enough good partners among them and there are decent and honest monitors, but who will hold their eyes on this site and stay at least 2 minutes?

The one who is in the subject! Yes, the topic is not simple, there are a lot of little things and pitfalls, but not for a beginner who just wants to put money somewhere and take more there. On the monitors, either those who are in the subject (and there are quite a few trained wolves who graze on new projects and earn so good money: they invest at the start, and then they withdraw everything … and the project starts to fall). Monitors can bring the investor, when a little time has passed, when the potential client is convinced that the project will not become a scam in the first days. The longer a project lasts, the more investor confidence in it grows.


Making any advertising video for HYIP, ICO, IPO, Forex, DeFi – GO ..


Monitors cover 1-2% of the market for potential investors, the rest, as salesmen say, are in the field, that is, among the people!


Let me remind you:

The total number of potential investors for your project, not counting new essential resources:

YouTube – 2 billion

Facebook – 1.5 billion

Instagram – 1 billion

Twitter – 330 million

E-mail distribution – 3 billion

… and that’s not counting forums, TELEGRAM, VIBER channels, WeChat, TIKTOK!

And, more new ones – Snapchat, Pinterest, Medium and Reddit!
The total number of sites is more than 1.5 thousand!




Bottom line: hyip monitors are good, but BETTER is advertising in networks, messengers and world platforms in different languages!

Communicating for quite a long time with project admins, and absorbing the experience of each, I came to the conclusion that admins who prepare in advance for the start of the project and prepare accounts in social networks and forms, those projects live long and well.

You decide what kind of advertising to place, but it’s better to be cool and not to save on it.

Best regards, your HYIPEXPRESS!