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“The Best HYIP Sites” is one of the most popular Internet topics. Almost every forum devoted to making money on the Internet contains at least one topic related to investing in HYIP projects. With the right tactics and minimal effort, you can increase your savings by 3, or even 4 times. Recently, the Internet has simply been clogged with such projects, guaranteeing the increase of your savings. Despite such great popularity, not all Internet users know what HYIP is.

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What is a HYIP program or project?

HYIP is an abbreviation which, when literally translated, means “high-yield investment project.” HYIP – these are projects for investing cash savings, which are multiplied due to the presence of a special financing algorithm.

The best sites with HYIP projects usually have their own special history of creation. Investors receive payments through the activities of the project, which is deployed by its administration on the Internet. The activities of almost all projects in which you can get a good amount, without leaving your home, sooner or later cease. The financial crisis or “SCAM” leads to the collapse of the HYIP project.

Classification and types of HYIP:

Absolutely all HYIP projects and programs can be divided into 3 types:


  • low-profit projects;
  • mid-income projects;
  • highly profitable projects.



Experts of such earnings say that the duration of the project depends on the interest earned in 1 day: the lower the percentage, the longer the investment project will last. The best sites with HYIP programs, as a rule, have an average percentage, however, among projects with high daily earnings, there are quite decent ones.

By investing in low-yield HYIP, you can get about 0.5% per day. Such funds are “long-lived” in comparison with high-yield and medium-income. Some low-income projects request a large enough entry fee, but do not worry, low-profitable hyipas are considered the safest, but there is still a risk.

The daily income from an average profitable HYIP project ranges from approximately 1 to 3%. Such financial sites have an average lifespan. Among them there are the best HYIP programs, the administration of which is at the highest level. Even investing in a project with a daily percentage below 3, you can get a decent profit for quite a long time.

Highly profitable projects are able to bring investors over 10% daily. Unfortunately, there are practically no funds among them that have existed for more than a year or so. Charges in some highly profitable projects are made several times a day. In order for Hyip to not quickly shut down, administration must be professional and fast.

HYIPs can also be divided into 3 types:

  • with the presence of an original legend. Earnings amateurs usually confuse such HYIP programs with a commercial company.
  • without an original legend. On the official page of the project, you can easily find information that this is HYIP.
  • economic game – a toy in which there are no losers. The presence of the game interface causes a great demand for this type of HYIP. For registration, a certain amount must be paid as a contribution.

HYIP projects are also centralized and decentralized. All monies invested in a centralized fund are held by the HYIP manager. As for decentralized projects, custodians are involved in all investments there: they accept contributions, make payments and transfer the percentage to the manager.

If you are going to invest a couple of such funds, then you can choose the best hypes thanks to various monitoring sites and forums dedicated to making money. Reviews on HYIP are no less important, they allow you to clearly identify what is the proportion of risk and prospects in percentage terms.


How to choose HYIP for investment?

If you read the article up to this point, it means that you are looking for the best HYIP to increase your capital. The stable development of the project is the main difference between the best HYIPs and the total mass. Competent administration allows you to make stable payments to investors.

  1. There are a considerable number of recommendations on how to choose a quality project. The first thing you should pay attention to when getting to the site is its design.

It meets modern requirements, beautiful, but at the same time concise, and most importantly, that it is unique.

  1. The next no less important point is the availability of advertising on the site and its quantity. If it is enough, then the project will be able to last long enough. Proper administration allows you to attract new investments, which is precisely what promotes advertising.
  2. Before making a contribution, checking HYIP is very important.


 Stable development is facilitated by the following points:

  • the emergence of new investment plans. At the initial stage of development, only quick plans are usually available, but if the project develops positively, after some time the administrator opens new plans with a longer term and a large percentage.
  • continuous hype advertising on new HYIP monitors and blogs.
  • young funds may have a limit on the maximum amount of investment. This is done so that the project does not close after a couple of days.

If you decide to invest your money in a low-profit hype so that it brings you a stable income not one month or two, but much more, then it can be analyzed in the following ways:

  • Explore the life expectancy of the project, which consists of the following nuances:
  1. small interest;
  2. referral percentage less than 20;
  3. restriction on the withdrawal of the deposit, in the public domain only the withdrawal of interest (due to this the project can survive even if a panic wave begins with investors);
  4. The age of the project itself.
  • Website quality:
  1. design should talk about the great work of the administration;
  2. complete and accurate information about the company and the rules of work.
  • Unbiased monitoring of reviews:
  1. analyze whether there are enough reviews about your chosen HYIP-e on the Internet;
  2. To identify the absence of negative reviews related to late payment delays.
  • The top location in search engines indicates the high interest of users in this project.
  • The presence of an official representative office in popular social networks.
  • Continuous broadcast of webinars and manuals on working with HYIP.
  • Study reviews on sites dedicated to making money on HYIP programs.


The essence of earning on HYIPs

The best sites with HYIP projects can increase your savings dozens of times. Such projects can become a constant source of stable and high profits. Each HYIP has its own specifics of functioning. By investing a sum of money in some programs, you can withdraw not only the earned interest, but also the deposit itself, in others the deposit is non-refundable.

The amount of the entrance to the HYIP project also varies: from 10 to 1000 $. If it exceeds the maximum allowable amount, then it is better to refrain from investing, especially if the fund exists for only a few days. Sufficiently large amounts may cause HYIP to close due to the fact that new investments are not able to cover the interest payments of old ones.

In order to constantly increase your savings, you can choose one of two win-win ways of investing:

  • entry into the project and exit from it until its closure;
  • stay in HYIP until the project closes.

Despite the riskiness of the second method, it is thanks to it that you can get the maximum profit with HYIP. Having decided on the choice of a suitable strategy and the period of stay in the project, as well as the amount of money that you have the right to change depending on the situation, you will receive a sufficient number of good options for investing in the best programs.


Here are some tips from professionals in the field of making money by investing in HYIP projects:

  • investing in an investment project is better at an early stage of its development, but not earlier than 1.5 months from the date of its launch;
  • regularly withdraw earned funds, a high interest rate should facilitate the frequent transfer of money to an electronic wallet;
  • do not reinvest in a new circle if the period between the last investment lasts more than 1 month;
  • reinvestment should be carried out only after the full withdrawal of the deposit.

Following these simple tips, you can easily increase your savings and do not burn.

What do you need to make good money on HYIPs?

In order to constantly earn on highs you need to know about the principle of diversification. Indeed, in order to earn impressive amounts, you initially need to invest a considerable amount, and yet there is still a risk of losing all your savings even after careful analysis and monitoring of the project. In order to minimize possible risk, you should divide the initial amount into shares and invest them in different investment funds. So even in the event of the closure of one of the invested projects, you will not lose the entire amount, since you will receive a percentage from other HYIPs in which the funds were invested.

In order for the best HYIPs to work for you, you need to develop a strategy and think out an investment plan. To do this, select projects that bring about 30% of the monthly profit with a paid deposit.

When developing a strategy, rely on the following points:

  1. when orienting the life of HYIP, choose long-term projects that can function for more than a year;
  2. The average period of the contribution varies from 1 year.

You can get good income by investing in HYIP in the following ways:

  1. Quick entry and exit, or as the pros call it Hit and run. This method is called so because of the short duration of stay in the project, the withdrawal of funds should occur after the first round. Despite the high reliability coefficient, this method has a rather significant drawback: low efficiency. If HYIP turns out to be of high quality and reliable, able to exist for a long period of time, then the profit gained using this method will allow you to earn the minimum amount of money.
  2. A gradual and accurate entry is based on the collection and analysis of information about this project and only after a satisfactory outcome does the investor enter. This method provides the following algorithm:
  • study of the dynamics of HYIP;
  • monitoring of reviews and reviews on special resources;
  • waiting for completion of the first laps;
  • analysis of the work of administrators;
  • investing.

Thanks to this method, you can invest a minimum amount in the project and perform a practical analysis of its work.

  • The “invest and forget” method is applicable only to long-term funds. It consists in investing several low-profit HYIP projects for the long term. The method allows you to get a stable income, and in order to get into the profit it will take several months.
  • Earnings at the very start of the project will bring maximum profit. Logging into HYIP is necessary only after a detailed study and full analysis. Then you can walk in circles until the project closes. Despite the burning of your savings due to the fact that the entrance was made at the start, you will have a good opportunity to get a plus.
  • Contribution from profit. The method consists of two stages. The first is to profit from the investment as soon as possible. The second stage is reinvestment from the profit. This method is suitable even for an amateur in earning money on HYIP projects, since its risk is practically reduced to zero due to initial investment using the Hit-run method

These are just the main methods of investing in HYIP projects that can bring good profit with minimal risk.

What do you need to know about risks?

Whatever method of investment you choose, do not forget about diversification, because even the most competently thought out plan, which has established itself as one of the highest quality, may not work. Unfortunately, even low-profit HYIP projects involve risk. In order for incomes to grow, you need to participate in a referral program and constantly attract new people. So you can as soon as possible earn the initially invested sum of money.

Given the recommendations and advice set forth in the article, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • contributions should be made taking into account the principle of diversification;
  • approach the choice of projects with great responsibility, because you are going to invest your money savings in them;
  • use those strategies whose risk is minimized;
  • if you are in a difficult financial situation, then do not invest all your money in HYIP.

Although such earnings are considered passive, however, conducting active activities on the project will allow you to switch from a simple investor to custodians. This is not only a new status with an impressive name, but also additional interest to your main charges.

Before investing your savings in the HYIP projects you like, you should study enough information, then carefully analyze and study them.

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