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PART 3 – How to advertise your project having a ready video presentation we will tell in the next article…

July 27, 2021
Author: Admin

PART 3 – How to advertise your investment project with a ready video presentation?


Most aspiring investment project creators are starting to advertise their project on monitoring. Really, true monitoring, forums are a good way to advertise your project, but it is a very small part of investors (only 1% of the total number of potential clients).

99% of potential investor clients are looking for a way to successfully invest their free funds in Google search while on Facebook, Instagram, receiving letters and commercial offers to their mail, Skype, Telegram.

Total number of potential investors for the project

YouTube – 2 billion

Facebook – 1.5 billion

Instagram -1 billion

Twitter – 330 million

E-mail newsletter – 3 billion


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The total amount of potential clients is 4.8 billion, but these are clients in different countries, so the site and video presentations should also be made in different languages and voices. In which languages it is worth making a site and video we will tell in one of the following articles…

How to find an investor for your project?

1) Groups, channels, social media chats, investment forums. Very good results are given by the placement of the site, videos about the project on profile forums and chat rooms. There is already an audience on the interest of investment.

2) Posting video on channels about investors in YouTube. As a rule, posting is for a small fee, but it gives a very good result.

3) E-mail newsletter on the collected base of investors. This base is collected for a fee according to keywords in different languages:

– investment

– bases of investors

– where to invest your savings

– how to multiply your savings

– passive income



In which countries to post and in which languages to localize the project site we will find out in the following PART 4…