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PART 2 – who and what will shoot video in the office for HYIP, ICO, FOREX

July 5, 2020
Author: Admin

How to shoot?

Phone, camera, camcorder? No! Only professional cinematographic equipment.


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You can always tell the difference between shooting a professional cameraman on professional equipment and a wedding videographer on a home video camera.

Therefore, if you do not have a professional camera and operator, then the equipment can always be rented. There are many agencies, just remember that the equipment is rented for the entire shooting day.


Remember a few rules – actors get tired very quickly and look tired, so you need to shoot quickly.
Sunlight in the frame will not wait for you. If the video started in the sun, and after a minute the sun went down and the clouds were hanging and a blue tint appeared, then everything will appear in the video and it will become emotionally in the story .. sadder and harder !!!

ADDITIONAL LIGHT Usually rented, but expensive, like a professional camera.
Use professional recording technique!
There may be a power outage, consider the option of operating the lighting from batteries.
To be continued…