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PART 2- What video presentation does the investor like and what should not be spent on at all when starting the project.

May 27, 2020
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Often the beginning creator of an investment project does not know how to start, wishing to start advertising his project. Some of the money is spent on creating a script, the other part on creating a bright expensive site design with animation and on this budget has been ended, having no money for advertising. A potential investor will never be able to find out that your project exists.

What does it take for the project to be advertised and not to close early, and to exist for a long time?


Order any advertising video for HYIP, ICO, IPO, Forex, DeFi – more details

Each project must be warmed up to engage in the market. What does it mean to warm up the market?

Imagine watching a movie and starting watching it from the middle. Would you like to watch it even with a very bright picture (the role of the picture is served by the site and text)? No. The text and design of the website for you is strange, you know nothing about it, it differs in nothing from other same texts and designs. So how to warm up interest when there are many competitors, and the investor has time to see your project in seconds?

Video presentation for 60 seconds comes to help.

1-minute video presentation is ideal for appealing an investor. Hook, to tell in detail. You will be more detailed and shown in the video presentation later in the subsequent videos.

Frequent and very important mistake of investment project creators to order expensive video in the office with speaker!

Sure, exactly this mistake that scares investors away! The intrusive video with the director and employees about an unknown company, on the contrary, is alarming and one need to understand why you are imposing this information!  Serious companies never use such videos in their arsenal. Have you ever seen Amazon, Google, Microsoft, start their advertising campaign when creating a company with shooting the director and workers in the office? No! They first of all tell about the value of their product, about its benefits to ordinary people! So you can start with yours!


The first video

should not immediately show the director, deputy director and employees in the office. (When to show the investor this video we will tell later in this article.) It is better to focus on capturing the investor ‘s attention from the first 3 seconds and bringing him to the project the attractiveness of the program. The director ‘s office and his face if he’s not an alien will not be interesting to the investor in the first seconds of dating the company! Order a better and better 2d or 3d animation – it will involve the investor. The investor is interested in income, guarantees, terms, not what a tired director looks like!


What to show in the first video and… others?!


Video  1

– Investment program of the project,

purpose of the project creation, usefulness of the project for the ordinary person, availability of the project, guarantees of the project and payments (at the same time invest in 60 seconds). The types of such video can be 2d-infographic (2d animation), 3d animation. Quality needs to be given attention. The first introduction to the company is the most important, and the video is the face of the company.

Let’s imagine the investor see the program, guarantees of payments, profitability of the company what is he interested in further?!

Video  2

– How to use the site, office, and project. For this purpose, there are video instructions on the site. Use 2D animation to create video instructions. Don ‘t use very expensive animation. The investor is interested in the process, not the expensive infographic in the training video.

These first 2 videos perform 2 main tasks – attract the investor and explain the simplicity of registration and ease of work and earnings in the project.

The investor introduces a small amount into the project, not yet trusting the project completely, but already tracking its actions and probing it.


Video  № 3

The investor always doubts the new projects created and needs to give him time. In order to quickly dispel his doubts, 3 video – videos about the history of the company, the merits of the company, reviews of the company. If your investment company participated earlier in exhibitions, conferences, master classes, the news speak about it, there are video messages from satisfied investors, then post it on the project website.

Video № 4

When the time has passed since the beginning of your project (at least 1 month) and your project will start to grow successfully, it will be time to tell about the company itself – show the director of the company, its employees, the team and the office in which they work. The investor, having firstly seen the 1, 2, 3 project, the product of the company is already ready to learn about its employees and the life of the company. The video in the company’s office must necessarily be accompanied by a musical design, an interviewer. Show in the video the reception, the logo of the company, show where employees work and rest in their spare time.

Video № 5

When your project has been working successfully for more than 3-6 months, you can already hold different events. What is an event? This is an event of rewarding of the most successful investors of the company, encouragement of employees, celebration of various dates of the company – 100, 1000 investor and his remuneration or encouragement, 100, 1000 days since the birth of the company, 100 employees of the company, $1000 000 payments to investors, $10,000,000 payments to investors, etc. Such videos greatly increase the image of the company, and the growth of investments per month can grow in 10-100 times!


PART 3 – How to advertise your project having a ready video presentation we will tell in the next article…