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PART 1- How to shoot a professional video in the office with actors for HYIP, ICO, FOREX

July 5, 2021
Author: Admin

Part 1 – where to start, how the auditions are held and how the actors are selected


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CEO-Chief Executive Officer) – “General Director”

I ask you not to take this text as the ultimate authority. This is just our experience, which is being watched and observed in other studios, castings, film sets and not only when shooting videos for business (B2B), but also advertising and cinema.

It so happened that I had to go through an endless set of film sets and castings for a variety of projects – from documentaries, advertising, feature films and even TV series.

For HYIP projects, FPREX, ICOs and startups, promo videos are often shot with actors in the office or on the street.


Why are they hiring actors? Can’t they film with their co-workers?


The answer is simple – employees are not professional actors and will not be able to read the text beautifully and correctly. They will not be able to professionally and beautifully show a working office on video.

Where to begin.

Let’s say you want your project to work for years and bring money to you and your investors. You have decided to use the services of professional actors. Where do you start?

Casting of actors.

People are needed to shoot any business video, HYIP, ICO, IPO, FOREX. Someone takes pictures of people from the street, someone is professional actors, but everyone equally wants to get a good solid result. And how do you achieve the high quality video your customers will love?

Practice shows that in 99% of cases, very good visual and emotional content can only be obtained with professional actors.

Castings are used to find actors. Casting – events at the choice of the actor. They take place indoors, with a video camera and an operator, microphones connected (required to hear the timbre of a voice in digital format) and a director who prepares the actor (manner of performance, reading speed, placement of emotional accents in the text). … Casting of actors is conducted from 10 people (it makes no sense to take less, because a good actor is very rare nowadays).

RECOMMENDATION: If your advertising budget is limited, it’s better to get a good professional voiceovers and video than to hire a new actor.



If it so happens that you cannot physically show your office, but you need to show it, then a pavilion or rented space (office, building, office, concert hall for an event) is used for this.

Any of the named premises is used depending on the size of the project and the number of participants. The larger the area, the more expensive the rent. Furniture always increases the rental price, and computers are usually imported).

So, we already have actors, we make up for them, put on costumes and … ready to shoot