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HYIP programs and their types. Differences between HYIP programs

July 5, 2021
Author: Admin

HYIPs are investment programs characterized by a high rate of return (the percentage of profit is 20-80%). In order to start earning decent money, it is important to be fluent in information related to the following nuances:

  • types of HYIP;where is it profitable to invest;
    how to competently perform investment portfolio management and much more.
  • The HYIP industry is large in scale, and opens up a lot of opportunities for each user of the innovative program, the main thing is to make every effort at the start and start moving in the right direction.
  • Having studied the main criteria of a modern investment platform, having talked with knowledgeable people, you will soon be able to independently predict the profitability or loss of this or that project.


In practice, there are HYIP programs that are classified into the following main types:

By type of marketing:
standard projects – funds offering classic conditions for investors. The working scheme of interaction is time-tested;
projects with limits – on such platforms there are starting limits on the maximum investment amount, with the gradual provision of opportunities in order to make large investments;
HYIP doublers are projects that bring 100% profit over a certain period of time.

By profitability:

low level – a type of HYIP with a small percentage of profit (up to 10-15% per month);
medium – today it is a popular category, with the possibility of earning income from 15 to 60% per month;
high level – projects offering convenient conditions. The earning opportunity is over 60%.

By the type of partnership terms of interaction:

single-level – income comes from participants of the 1st level;
multilevel – profitability comes from direct and subordinate partners;
matrix – a rather complex system that provides for joining a project with a certain contribution;
binary – guaranteed profit for the successful construction of 2 balanced lines.


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Investment period:

short-term HYIPs – investment is provided from 3-4 hours and ending in 5-6 days;
medium-term – funds, the conditions of which are relevant from 2, 3 weeks to six months and more. Average interest rate attracting a large number of investors;
long-term projects – provide for investment from 6 months to several years. Such HYIPs are characterized by smooth advertising campaigns and high ambitions.

To date, various types of HYIP programs are successfully functioning, differing in individual characteristics and the specifics of investment instruments.

In the process of analyzing the selected HYIP project, it is worth focusing on the type of HYIP, available information, and then it will definitely be possible to form an objective scenario for the development of the project.

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