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HYIP script. How to choose and what to look for

June 27, 2021
Author: Admin

Any online investment hyip project consists of a script and its external part – a design site (template). What should you first of all pay attention to when ordering or choosing a HYIP engine (script)?
Scripts can be conditionally divided into two separate types: template and unique.

Template scripts are scripts that are produced in bulk. Judges for the manufacture of engines for HYIPs create several types of engines, eliminate their shortcomings and sell them en masse. Their functionality is the same and they are very similar to each other.

Unique – scripts written individually for the project.


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The main criteria for choosing a hyip script:

1. Speed ​​of work
2. The functionality of the engine
3. Engine security
4. Upgradeability

Work speed

The high functionality of any script in one way or another affects the increase in the load on the server and reduces the speed of the site. High load negatively affects the work of the mobile version, withdrawals, and limits the work of users.
One of the best and most promising languages ​​is the Python programming language.

Engine functionality

Functionally, the HYIP script can be improved endlessly. There is a number of points of functionality, consisting of 70 points, but you need to remember one thing – the more and more complex the functionality, the more errors can get out and the higher the load on the server.

The main criteria for the functionality of the HYIP script

1. Personal account of the user with the ability to communicate with the administrator directly
2. Wide possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds, variety of currencies
3. Ability to leave and moderate comments, answers to questions.
4. Moderation of payments. Possibility of payments in manual and automatic modes
5. Convenient management of deposits
6. Blog management, news
7. Output of complete statistics
8. Payment management
9. Built-in antivirus, firewall
10. Monitoring and IP Blacklist
11. Moderation and flexible setting of tariff plans
12. Full SEO optimization setting
13. E-mail marketing. Sending letters, news to regular users and new customers.
14. Editing users
15. Multilingual
16. System for creating an order
17. Payment verification function
18. Primary system of protection against DDOS attacks
19. Ability to install a referral system


Engine security HYIP script

Often, administrators decide to save money and resort to free or hacked scripts. They are very easy to find on the Internet and download. Such scripts have special withdrawal holes. We strongly discourage the use of such scripts.
The second danger is DDos attacks. Criminals in pursuit of profit can deliberately “put” your site DDos attack and will be ready to remove it only after the reward. We recommend using secure templates and hosting that can repel DDos attacks.

Main popular licensed scripts

1. GoldCoders.
2. H-Script
3. ShadowScript

1. Gold Coders

Quite an old script, the first project on which appeared back in 2004 .. It was one of the main scripts on which almost all projects were made.

Official site – goldcoders.com;

Benefits of Gold Coders:

Has support for almost all payment systems. Allows you to accept replenishment of the Merchant, to set up automatic payments,
There is a template engine, thanks to which you can install any design on the site.
Precise installation and setup of a flexible referral program. There is a possibility of flexible commission setting.
Responsive and fast technical support. Reply within 24 hours.


Disadvantages of Gold Coders:

Low security scripts.
With a large number of visitors, it creates a high load on the site, due to which payments may not be charged.
Very poor and limited functionality
Not perfect protection against multi-accounts.


A script from Russian developers. It is a leader in quality and functionality.
The official website of the studio is h-script.ru;

Pros of H-script:

1. Support for more than 40 payment systems
2. Flexible system of investment plans adjustment. …
3. High security level OWASP.

Cons of H-script:

1. Weak and not responsive technical support.
2. Quite high price for the script
3. There is no basic template and design


3. ShadowScript

Official site – shadowscripts.com;

Benefits of ShadowScript:

High reliability of the script. Virtually no interruptions.
High protection against hacking and hacker attacks. The most reliable script of all licensed.


Inability to unilaterally change the design. All edits are coordinated with technical support
Inconvenient overloaded and unnecessary interface