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How much to invest in advertising HYIP, ICO, IPO, FOREX projects.

August 21, 2021
Author: Admin

When creating a financial investment project, be it HYIP or ICO, IPO, FOREX, DeFi, any organizer will think: “And how much will I need to invest in my own project to make this project profitable?”

Having bought a beautiful domain, paid for a cool hosting and made an amazing website, the project will still not bring profit to its owner. What can be done to make the project profitable?


Well-known and familiar advertising methods for HYIP projects are:


1. Placement of the project on HYIP monitoring
2. Purchase and placement of video presentation, articles
3. Promotion of the project through social networks, video services
4. Referrals


How much will it cost and what is better to pay attention to?


In short, the more flows of future customers, the better! The coverage of any financial project must be comprehensive and at the same time.


1. Monitoring. The number of monitoring is huge, and it is growing before our eyes. Every week, 1 new monitoring appears, dissolving already weak customer traffic. You cannot cover all monitors at the same time, but you can accommodate at least two main ones. Let’s take the average check of placement on monitoring from $ 400 – just for two it will cost $ 800.


2. Placing video presentations and articles is also the main form of advertising that works well these days. It all depends on the budget. If the project is serious and you intend to make good money on increasing the brand image, then here are only videos of the highest quality and together with articles. A simple but high-quality video can be ordered from 270-450 $ / minute with voice acting. As a general rule of thumb, the better the video, the better it will perform.


3. Social networks, video services drive traffic to the site perfectly, but for this you need to have a high-quality video that will tell and explain everything in detail. Here is the same rule as in step 2 – the better the video, the better it will perform. You shouldn’t even start doing it cheaper, because this will definitely affect the company’s brand and, accordingly, the project, and this will certainly reduce profits, and all the money invested in the domain, hosting, website and monitoring will go away. The cost of posting your own video presentation on social networks can start from $ 10 per day for 1 traffic source and the more traffic, the correspondingly higher the price.


4. Referrals are also a type of advertising, but they only bring 2-4% of investors from all advertising and should not be considered a serious and meaningful form of advertising. Their price is different, and you need to negotiate individually.


TOTAL: Advertising for an investment project will be equal to – from $ 1250 (monitoring + simple video) + $ 10 per day for 1 traffic source.