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Bild Video – „EVENT VIDEO“ Trend von 2021. … oder wie man von 100 Investoren pro Tag anzieht

Dezember 16, 2020

Any advertising company consists of:

  1. Presentations and presentations of the company itself, brand (presentation video)
  2. Creation and strengthening of a solid successful positive image (image video, event video)
  3. Positive image and brand advertisements (advertising and selling videos)

Most financial and investment projects order from us just a presentation video.

Presentation video is informational in nature, with the aim of showing a product or service and its benefits.

But, the presentation video only presents the company, presents it to the future investor with its marketing conditions, program, and this is 1 part of creating a successful advertising company.

Image video video that purposefully forms and consolidates the image of a successful and reliable company.

Promotional video or sales video – video created according to a certain structure:

1.Capturing attention. Attract the investor’s attention from the first seconds

2.Showing the problem of the population and people

3.Present a product or service as a solution to a problem

One way or another, it is imperative to follow the sequence of creating video presentations. First, we present the brand and marketing program of the company to a wide range of investors, then we consolidate the success of the EVENT VIDEO company, and only then we add a promotional video as a motivation to purchase.

Some creators of investment projects are wondering why, after creating a video presentation, an investor does not come?

The answer is simple – the huge competition among financial and investment projects confuses the investor. An investor wants to be sure that your company is the most reliable, firmly on its feet and has a positive image. EVENT video creates such an image.


 1.  Celebrating the anniversary of the project (this can be any round date that suits you). On this date, you can create promotions, distribute additional holiday bonuses to the best investors, motivating the rest.

2. Promise to double the bonuses for the second celebration next anniversary – this will create a sense of celebration and additional motivation.
3. Awarding ceremony for the best investors and motivating the weak. This ceremony does not have to be held on a round date. You can assign it as investors achieve better results.
4. Presentation of a new project service. Answers to questions, feedback from satisfied investors
Organization of the celebration of the international day of the financier and the international day of the investor. These celebrations can be organized in spring, summer and fall.

Of course, you can combine all types of events in one, video, and you will receive a very powerful tool for generating a successful image and attracting a mass investor.


You can see an example of EVENT video here –


Without EVENT video, it is impossible to start selling on a large scale, because without an image there is no company brand, which means there is no company itself. You must be remembered! Place an order for your event video right now!

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