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Bitcoin price is rising. Have you already launched professional advertising HYIP?

Bitcoin’s rise is fueled by the shaky position of the US dollar. Dollar assets are being converted into bitcoins, which contributes to strong demand and growth for bitcoins.
In the wake of the growth of bitcoin, bitcoin HYIP projects are also growing. Some take deposits in bitcoins, others create projects for mining, others are SMART PROJECTS, where the bitcoin is the main means of payment, but everything is fine with them – in the near future BITCOIN will only grow!

In the wake of the growth of projects and the growth of profits, they increasingly order high-quality working commercials for HYIP, ICO, IPO, FOREX and business.
What does “working video” mean? A “working” video is a promotional presentation video that with interest fully fulfills its professional function – it attracts and leads new investors. No investment business project can work and make a profit without its investors, but how to interest a potential investor, how to attract?

How many business projects exist, but the goal and the means are the same – the goal is the profit from the project, and the means is professional advertising!
A professional advertising company in our digital age cannot do without a good video. A high-quality video presentation quickly captures the viewer and involves him in the project itself.

The viewer no longer reads the site, he is too lazy to read a few words, the new viewer does not have time, and only 5-8 seconds decides whether this investor will be interested in your project or leave for another!
The ONLY way to engage the viewer in a project within 5-8 seconds after their attention is THIS NATURALLY VIDEO PRESENTATION!
A professionally made video presentation is a video that can hook the viewer, interest and interest him, give him what he is looking for!

Videos can be expensive (high-quality, expensive videos attract many more investors) or inexpensive if the project is just emerging and gaining momentum.
ANYWHERE, a video presentation is the ONLY solution and the only way to attract today’s investor, the 2020 investor who does not want to read the text, which has only 5 seconds of their personal time for each new information.

If you have not yet decided which video you need, write to us and we will find the perfect option for you!

The best hyip advertising for an investment project on hyip monitors, or is it NOT? .. (about where to generate traffic …)

More and more, lately, I have been asked how best to generate traffic for an investment project and where to find an investor?

… A couple of partners got together as a team, ordered a design and a script and … started! But, … even after placing ads on a couple of dozen hyip monitors, for some reason the traffic did not go …

What’s the matter?

Let’s turn our attention to monitoring. These are resource sites made professionally and in a narrowly targeted manner, literally stuffed with slang, clearly not for a simple guy from the provinces with $ 3 hundred in his pocket. He will not understand such words, not that he will delve into the project. Yes, there are 10K monitors (10 thousand visitors per month), but let’s figure out who the client is ?!

Not all newbies know what a HYIP is, not everyone will understand what the monitor has to do with it, and when they enter they will be completely lost – banners, banners, banners, slang, icons, colored numbers and even graphics. This is what the forbes monkey read. No, I have not forgiven HYIP monitoring, and there are enough good partners among them and there are decent and honest monitors, but who will hold their eyes on this site and stay at least 2 minutes?

The one who is in the subject! Yes, the topic is not simple, there are a lot of little things and pitfalls, but not for a beginner who just wants to put money somewhere and take more there. On the monitors, either those who are in the subject (and there are quite a few trained wolves who graze on new projects and earn so good money: they invest at the start, and then they withdraw everything … and the project starts to fall). Monitors can bring the investor, when a little time has passed, when the potential client is convinced that the project will not become a scam in the first days. The longer a project lasts, the more investor confidence in it grows.

Monitors cover 1-2% of the market for potential investors, the rest, as salesmen say, are in the field, that is, among the people!

Let me remind you:

The total number of potential investors for your project, not counting new essential resources:

YouTube – 2 billion

Facebook – 1.5 billion

Instagram – 1 billion

Twitter – 330 million

E-mail distribution – 3 billion

… and that’s not counting forums, TELEGRAM, VIBER channels, WeChat, TIKTOK!

And, more new ones – Snapchat, Pinterest, Medium and Reddit!
The total number of sites is more than 1.5 thousand!


Bottom line: hyip monitors are good, but BETTER is advertising in networks, messengers and world platforms in different languages!

Communicating for quite a long time with project admins, and absorbing the experience of each, I came to the conclusion that admins who prepare in advance for the start of the project and prepare accounts in social networks and forms, those projects live long and well.

You decide what kind of advertising to place, but it’s better to be cool and not to save on it.

Best regards, your HYIPEXPRESS!

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For HYIP admin

HYIPEXPRESS is always ready to support the HYIP admin in the following areas:

1. Creation of websites for HYIP
2. Creation of scripts for HYIP
3. Creation of creative, banners, video for HYIP
4. Soon our project will begin to process advertising traffic for HYIP

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Hyip advertising. Trends in HYIP ads for 2020. New items

Already in July, bitcoin showed growth and the trend is leading to the fact that at the end of 2020 it will approach the mark 20. All this contributes to building a competent project in August.

Already in July, the cue ball showed growth and a tendency towards the fact that at the end of 2020 it will approach the mark 20. All this contributes to the construction of a competent project in August.
Despite the rise in the bitcoin rate, the mood of investors is very optimistic. The world economy showed its growth, oil and gold prices rose.

We make the best advertising and presentation video for HYIP projects! Our works –

What is worth focusing on this fall.

To create the project itself (design, script for HYIP), build a well-thought-out project strategy is not all. More precisely, this is just the beginning – 35% of success.
An advertising campaign is of particular importance in promoting the project.

In 2020, new trends have been added that will significantly increase the profitability of HYIPs.

1) QR-code of the project – create a QR-code of your project and place it in a variety of types of advertising media, from websites and forums, to a video presentation at the end of a video. It has been a long time to enter the site manually and remember the name of the project in our rapidly developing world.))

2) Wave of audio communication – tame users of streaming audio and video services. Prepare audio and video ads that you can listen to and receive without looking at the screen.

3) Personalization of the project and market segmentation – advertising has become more personalized. The client wants to be addressed not to everyone, but to him personally. Divide clients into categories – address the male audience separately, and the female audience separately. Impact the younger and older generations differently. Create different texts for different segments of the population.

4) Development of Voice-commerce – the development of smart speakers and voice search through them, brings audio advertising to a new professional level. Set your site to search by voice.

5) Chatbots are a trend in 2020. By connecting chatbots to the project, you gradually introduce the investor to the project. Investors do not feel the intrusive advertising, but slowly delves into it.

6) Alternative and niche social media channels – alternative social media are gaining momentum more and more. Advertise on Snapchat, Pinterest, Medium, and Reddit

Conclusions: the main direction in the development of HYIP projects and the leadership is held by video advertising. The number of video services is increasing many times, the investor prefers to see and listen. Print content is beginning to give way to audio advertising. More and more, we see people wearing headphones who find it difficult and uncomfortable to read on the go. Connect QR codes for the lazy. Segment and personalize your content on the site, segment posts and video ads for different categories of people. Increase omnichannel – 1-2 advertising channels no longer work. And most importantly, create a good product, and we will make you an excellent video and audio advertisement!)


PART 3 – How to advertise your project having a ready video presentation we will tell in the next article…

PART 3 – How to advertise your investment project with a ready video presentation?

Most aspiring investment project creators are starting to advertise their project on monitoring. Really, true monitoring, forums are a good way to advertise your project, but it is a very small part of investors (only 1% of the total number of potential clients).

99% of potential investor clients are looking for a way to successfully invest their free funds in Google search while on Facebook, Instagram, receiving letters and commercial offers to their mail, Skype, Telegram.

Total number of potential investors for the project

YouTube – 2 billion

Facebook – 1.5 billion

Instagram -1 billion

Twitter – 330 million

E-mail newsletter – 3 billion


The total amount of potential clients is 4.8 billion, but these are clients in different countries, so the site and video presentations should also be made in different languages and voices. In which languages it is worth making a site and video we will tell in one of the following articles…

How to find an investor for your project?

1) Groups, channels, social media chats, investment forums. Very good results are given by the placement of the site, videos about the project on profile forums and chat rooms. There is already an audience on the interest of investment.

2) Posting video on channels about investors in YouTube. As a rule, posting is for a small fee, but it gives a very good result.

3) E-mail newsletter on the collected base of investors. This base is collected for a fee according to keywords in different languages:

– investment

– bases of investors

– where to invest your savings

– how to multiply your savings

– passive income



In which countries to post and in which languages to localize the project site we will find out in the following PART 4…



PART 2- What video presentation does the investor like and what should not be spent on at all when starting the project.

Often the beginning creator of an investment project does not know how to start, wishing to start advertising his project. Some of the money is spent on creating a script, the other part on creating a bright expensive site design with animation and on this budget has been ended, having no money for advertising. A potential investor will never be able to find out that your project exists.

What does it take for the project to be advertised and not to close early, and to exist for a long time?

Each project must be warmed up to engage in the market. What does it mean to warm up the market?

Imagine watching a movie and starting watching it from the middle. Would you like to watch it even with a very bright picture (the role of the picture is served by the site and text)? No. The text and design of the website for you is strange, you know nothing about it, it differs in nothing from other same texts and designs. So how to warm up interest when there are many competitors, and the investor has time to see your project in seconds?

Video presentation for 60 seconds comes to help.

1-minute video presentation is ideal for appealing an investor. Hook, to tell in detail. You will be more detailed and shown in the video presentation later in the subsequent videos.

Frequent and very important mistake of investment project creators to order expensive video in the office with speaker!

Sure, exactly this mistake that scares investors away! The intrusive video with the director and employees about an unknown company, on the contrary, is alarming and one need to understand why you are imposing this information!  Serious companies never use such videos in their arsenal. Have you ever seen Amazon, Google, Microsoft, start their advertising campaign when creating a company with shooting the director and workers in the office? No! They first of all tell about the value of their product, about its benefits to ordinary people! So you can start with yours!

The first video

should not immediately show the director, deputy director and employees in the office. (When to show the investor this video we will tell later in this article.) It is better to focus on capturing the investor ‘s attention from the first 3 seconds and bringing him to the project the attractiveness of the program. The director ‘s office and his face if he’s not an alien will not be interesting to the investor in the first seconds of dating the company! Order a better and better 2d or 3d animation – it will involve the investor. The investor is interested in income, guarantees, terms, not what a tired director looks like!


What to show in the first video and… others?!


Video  1

– Investment program of the project,

purpose of the project creation, usefulness of the project for the ordinary person, availability of the project, guarantees of the project and payments (at the same time invest in 60 seconds). The types of such video can be 2d-infographic (2d animation), 3d animation. Quality needs to be given attention. The first introduction to the company is the most important, and the video is the face of the company.

Let’s imagine the investor see the program, guarantees of payments, profitability of the company what is he interested in further?!

Video  2

– How to use the site, office, and project. For this purpose, there are video instructions on the site. Use 2D animation to create video instructions. Don ‘t use very expensive animation. The investor is interested in the process, not the expensive infographic in the training video.

These first 2 videos perform 2 main tasks – attract the investor and explain the simplicity of registration and ease of work and earnings in the project.

The investor introduces a small amount into the project, not yet trusting the project completely, but already tracking its actions and probing it.

Video  № 3

The investor always doubts the new projects created and needs to give him time. In order to quickly dispel his doubts, 3 video – videos about the history of the company, the merits of the company, reviews of the company. If your investment company participated earlier in exhibitions, conferences, master classes, the news speak about it, there are video messages from satisfied investors, then post it on the project website.

Video № 4

When the time has passed since the beginning of your project (at least 1 month) and your project will start to grow successfully, it will be time to tell about the company itself – show the director of the company, its employees, the team and the office in which they work. The investor, having firstly seen the 1, 2, 3 project, the product of the company is already ready to learn about its employees and the life of the company. The video in the company’s office must necessarily be accompanied by a musical design, an interviewer. Show in the video the reception, the logo of the company, show where employees work and rest in their spare time.

Video № 5

When your project has been working successfully for more than 3-6 months, you can already hold different events. What is an event? This is an event of rewarding of the most successful investors of the company, encouragement of employees, celebration of various dates of the company – 100, 1000 investor and his remuneration or encouragement, 100, 1000 days since the birth of the company, 100 employees of the company, $1000 000 payments to investors, $10,000,000 payments to investors, etc. Such videos greatly increase the image of the company, and the growth of investments per month can grow in 10-100 times!


PART 3 – How to advertise your project having a ready video presentation we will tell in the next article…

PART 1-How to create your investment project and earn $1 million in 2020!

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PART 1 – Key Criteria for Investment Project Success

In the world of the Internet and innovation, everyone seeks to create their own project. The success of the project depends on many factors. In this article we will talk about what factors depends on the development of the investment project.

High-yield investment projects (HYIP) related to crypto currencies, ICO, Forex and payments in the short term are under the close attention of investors.

The investor before investing his funds carefully studies the project, its stability, profitability, launch period. In order to understand each project and evaluate it (thousands of projects) the ordinary investor has no more than 1 minute. Running through the site, and interest investor, without going further, moves on to the next project, thereby losing sight of your project.

How to draw attention to your project? What does the investor pay attention to?

  • First of all it is the design and stylistics of the site.

It is very important to pay attention when creating a project site style and color scale. Too bright and too intrusive a site can sometimes scare off. Special attention should be paid to inserting a video presentation of the project. Business discreet site design and detailed professional quality video presentation is the perfect solution!

  • As well as, there are a lot of projects and the investor has a maximum 60 seconds to study 1 project, a video presentation will help you here. Only the video will be able to catch the investor in a short time, tell him the main thing and involve him in the project itself. Video presentation is the best tool to involve an investor in a project! Video presentation is posted on the most visited resources like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Program of the project.

  • When drawing up the program of the project, pay attention to the real payments to investors. Too high interest rates and a short payment period can also scare off the investor.
  • Feedback about the project and the duration of the project.

  • The investor, knowing that the feedback and comments of the project may be deliberately overestimated, the investor focuses on his own experience and intuition, as well as feedback on independent forms and truthful monitoring.
  • A list of truthful monitoring we will publish later.

Вest HYIP site. Start a hyip

“The Best HYIP Sites” is one of the most popular Internet topics. Almost every forum devoted to making money on the Internet contains at least one topic related to investing in HYIP projects. With the right tactics and minimal effort, you can increase your savings by 3, or even 4 times. Recently, the Internet has simply been clogged with such projects, guaranteeing the increase of your savings. Despite such great popularity, not all Internet users know what HYIP is.

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What is a HYIP program or project?

HYIP is an abbreviation which, when literally translated, means “high-yield investment project.” HYIP – these are projects for investing cash savings, which are multiplied due to the presence of a special financing algorithm.

The best sites with HYIP projects usually have their own special history of creation. Investors receive payments through the activities of the project, which is deployed by its administration on the Internet. The activities of almost all projects in which you can get a good amount, without leaving your home, sooner or later cease. The financial crisis or “SCAM” leads to the collapse of the HYIP project.

Classification and types of HYIP:

Absolutely all HYIP projects and programs can be divided into 3 types:


  • low-profit projects;
  • mid-income projects;
  • highly profitable projects.


Experts of such earnings say that the duration of the project depends on the interest earned in 1 day: the lower the percentage, the longer the investment project will last. The best sites with HYIP programs, as a rule, have an average percentage, however, among projects with high daily earnings, there are quite decent ones.

By investing in low-yield HYIP, you can get about 0.5% per day. Such funds are “long-lived” in comparison with high-yield and medium-income. Some low-income projects request a large enough entry fee, but do not worry, low-profitable hyipas are considered the safest, but there is still a risk.

The daily income from an average profitable HYIP project ranges from approximately 1 to 3%. Such financial sites have an average lifespan. Among them there are the best HYIP programs, the administration of which is at the highest level. Even investing in a project with a daily percentage below 3, you can get a decent profit for quite a long time.

Highly profitable projects are able to bring investors over 10% daily. Unfortunately, there are practically no funds among them that have existed for more than a year or so. Charges in some highly profitable projects are made several times a day. In order for Hyip to not quickly shut down, administration must be professional and fast.

HYIPs can also be divided into 3 types:

  • with the presence of an original legend. Earnings amateurs usually confuse such HYIP programs with a commercial company.
  • without an original legend. On the official page of the project, you can easily find information that this is HYIP.
  • economic game – a toy in which there are no losers. The presence of the game interface causes a great demand for this type of HYIP. For registration, a certain amount must be paid as a contribution.

HYIP projects are also centralized and decentralized. All monies invested in a centralized fund are held by the HYIP manager. As for decentralized projects, custodians are involved in all investments there: they accept contributions, make payments and transfer the percentage to the manager.

If you are going to invest a couple of such funds, then you can choose the best hypes thanks to various monitoring sites and forums dedicated to making money. Reviews on HYIP are no less important, they allow you to clearly identify what is the proportion of risk and prospects in percentage terms.

How to choose HYIP for investment?

If you read the article up to this point, it means that you are looking for the best HYIP to increase your capital. The stable development of the project is the main difference between the best HYIPs and the total mass. Competent administration allows you to make stable payments to investors.

  1. There are a considerable number of recommendations on how to choose a quality project. The first thing you should pay attention to when getting to the site is its design.

It meets modern requirements, beautiful, but at the same time concise, and most importantly, that it is unique.

  1. The next no less important point is the availability of advertising on the site and its quantity. If it is enough, then the project will be able to last long enough. Proper administration allows you to attract new investments, which is precisely what promotes advertising.
  2. Before making a contribution, checking HYIP is very important.


 Stable development is facilitated by the following points:

  • the emergence of new investment plans. At the initial stage of development, only quick plans are usually available, but if the project develops positively, after some time the administrator opens new plans with a longer term and a large percentage.
  • continuous hype advertising on new HYIP monitors and blogs.
  • young funds may have a limit on the maximum amount of investment. This is done so that the project does not close after a couple of days.

If you decide to invest your money in a low-profit hype so that it brings you a stable income not one month or two, but much more, then it can be analyzed in the following ways:

  • Explore the life expectancy of the project, which consists of the following nuances:
  1. small interest;
  2. referral percentage less than 20;
  3. restriction on the withdrawal of the deposit, in the public domain only the withdrawal of interest (due to this the project can survive even if a panic wave begins with investors);
  4. The age of the project itself.
  • Website quality:
  1. design should talk about the great work of the administration;
  2. complete and accurate information about the company and the rules of work.
  • Unbiased monitoring of reviews:
  1. analyze whether there are enough reviews about your chosen HYIP-e on the Internet;
  2. To identify the absence of negative reviews related to late payment delays.
  • The top location in search engines indicates the high interest of users in this project.
  • The presence of an official representative office in popular social networks.
  • Continuous broadcast of webinars and manuals on working with HYIP.
  • Study reviews on sites dedicated to making money on HYIP programs.

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The essence of earning on HYIPs

The best sites with HYIP projects can increase your savings dozens of times. Such projects can become a constant source of stable and high profits. Each HYIP has its own specifics of functioning. By investing a sum of money in some programs, you can withdraw not only the earned interest, but also the deposit itself, in others the deposit is non-refundable.

The amount of the entrance to the HYIP project also varies: from 10 to 1000 $. If it exceeds the maximum allowable amount, then it is better to refrain from investing, especially if the fund exists for only a few days. Sufficiently large amounts may cause HYIP to close due to the fact that new investments are not able to cover the interest payments of old ones.

In order to constantly increase your savings, you can choose one of two win-win ways of investing:

  • entry into the project and exit from it until its closure;
  • stay in HYIP until the project closes.

Despite the riskiness of the second method, it is thanks to it that you can get the maximum profit with HYIP. Having decided on the choice of a suitable strategy and the period of stay in the project, as well as the amount of money that you have the right to change depending on the situation, you will receive a sufficient number of good options for investing in the best programs.

Here are some tips from professionals in the field of making money by investing in HYIP projects:

  • investing in an investment project is better at an early stage of its development, but not earlier than 1.5 months from the date of its launch;
  • regularly withdraw earned funds, a high interest rate should facilitate the frequent transfer of money to an electronic wallet;
  • do not reinvest in a new circle if the period between the last investment lasts more than 1 month;
  • reinvestment should be carried out only after the full withdrawal of the deposit.

Following these simple tips, you can easily increase your savings and do not burn.

What do you need to make good money on HYIPs?

In order to constantly earn on highs you need to know about the principle of diversification. Indeed, in order to earn impressive amounts, you initially need to invest a considerable amount, and yet there is still a risk of losing all your savings even after careful analysis and monitoring of the project. In order to minimize possible risk, you should divide the initial amount into shares and invest them in different investment funds. So even in the event of the closure of one of the invested projects, you will not lose the entire amount, since you will receive a percentage from other HYIPs in which the funds were invested.

In order for the best HYIPs to work for you, you need to develop a strategy and think out an investment plan. To do this, select projects that bring about 30% of the monthly profit with a paid deposit.

When developing a strategy, rely on the following points:

  1. when orienting the life of HYIP, choose long-term projects that can function for more than a year;
  2. The average period of the contribution varies from 1 year.

You can get good income by investing in HYIP in the following ways:

  1. Quick entry and exit, or as the pros call it Hit and run. This method is called so because of the short duration of stay in the project, the withdrawal of funds should occur after the first round. Despite the high reliability coefficient, this method has a rather significant drawback: low efficiency. If HYIP turns out to be of high quality and reliable, able to exist for a long period of time, then the profit gained using this method will allow you to earn the minimum amount of money.
  2. A gradual and accurate entry is based on the collection and analysis of information about this project and only after a satisfactory outcome does the investor enter. This method provides the following algorithm:
  • study of the dynamics of HYIP;
  • monitoring of reviews and reviews on special resources;
  • waiting for completion of the first laps;
  • analysis of the work of administrators;
  • investing.

Thanks to this method, you can invest a minimum amount in the project and perform a practical analysis of its work.

  • The “invest and forget” method is applicable only to long-term funds. It consists in investing several low-profit HYIP projects for the long term. The method allows you to get a stable income, and in order to get into the profit it will take several months.
  • Earnings at the very start of the project will bring maximum profit. Logging into HYIP is necessary only after a detailed study and full analysis. Then you can walk in circles until the project closes. Despite the burning of your savings due to the fact that the entrance was made at the start, you will have a good opportunity to get a plus.
  • Contribution from profit. The method consists of two stages. The first is to profit from the investment as soon as possible. The second stage is reinvestment from the profit. This method is suitable even for an amateur in earning money on HYIP projects, since its risk is practically reduced to zero due to initial investment using the Hit-run method

These are just the main methods of investing in HYIP projects that can bring good profit with minimal risk.

What do you need to know about risks?

Whatever method of investment you choose, do not forget about diversification, because even the most competently thought out plan, which has established itself as one of the highest quality, may not work. Unfortunately, even low-profit HYIP projects involve risk. In order for incomes to grow, you need to participate in a referral program and constantly attract new people. So you can as soon as possible earn the initially invested sum of money.

Given the recommendations and advice set forth in the article, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • contributions should be made taking into account the principle of diversification;
  • approach the choice of projects with great responsibility, because you are going to invest your money savings in them;
  • use those strategies whose risk is minimized;
  • if you are in a difficult financial situation, then do not invest all your money in HYIP.

Although such earnings are considered passive, however, conducting active activities on the project will allow you to switch from a simple investor to custodians. This is not only a new status with an impressive name, but also additional interest to your main charges.

Before investing your savings in the HYIP projects you like, you should study enough information, then carefully analyze and study them.

If you need to increase the profit of your project, then contact us for a promotional video presentation! Our works –

HYIP investments

Almost all hyip projects accept payments with Perfect Money, but it is dangerous to be limited to one EPS. A wallet with all the money may be hacked or the system will cease to exist at the most inopportune moment. Money on your account will be lost. You can google the news about the bankruptcy of Liberty Reserve, so that there is no desire to put all the eggs in one basket.

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It’s not worth the risk, it’s better to work with several payments at once:

  • Perfect Money;
  • AdvCash;
  • Cryptocurrency Bitcoin;
  • Payeer;
  • Qiwi;
  • Yandex Money;
  • Payza.1


1.The best for  HYIP investments

    HYIP analysis can take a long time until a new investor acquires connections and status in order to receive information from closed sources. At first, you can focus on leading bloggers, on the portfolios of active participants, but this is only part of the strategy. It is impossible to earn a lot, just repeating someone’s path. It is better to draw your own conclusions and invest a little on your own in high-yield projects. Only early entry into a successful Hyip program guarantees the greatest profit.

    What to look for when choosing a hype:

    1. The fund should have its own website, moreover, located on a paid hosting and domain. It is desirable to have a unique design and the absence of pictures from free photobanks. The more complicated the resource is made, the more useful information is on it, the more individual the CMS, the more the creators have invested in hype, therefore they will develop it.
    2. The Hyip project must have a secure SSL connection (the site is accessible only through the https protocol).
    3. The ability to pay a deposit to a HYIP from various payment systems (including by bank transfer) significantly increases its level.
    4. The more investment projects advertised on the Internet, the better, but not every promotion is beneficial for investors. If hype is promoted through forums and investment blogs, this indicates the seriousness of the developers. If the owners do not spend time on theoretical calculations, but simply connect a large number of Hyip-monitoring, this indicates an imminent failure.
    5. You need to choose Hyip with real numbers. Only scammers and fools can promise a daily return of 60% and 30%, you should not give your money to either one or another (unless this is a fund from the category of hourly doublers who live a maximum of several days – this is not our case, there is a lot to earn will not work). It is better to choose a hype with daily payments of up to 3-5%.
    6. The longer the investment plan of the project, the more it must live. We must not chase for momentary benefits, but for a stable daily receipt of money.
    7. It will be nice to see independent information about hype in the network to see the real situation and statistics of payments.
    8. Before investing in Hyip, you should talk to the site support team or developers. The prompt response to the question should help draw a conclusion about the appropriateness of financing.


    2. Choosing a partner for investments in hype projects

    To gain a foothold in the program, you should go into it under a status partner, preferably a public person, and not an anonymous user. Only an experienced investor will help later with the payment of insurance and a refback, plus will assist in resolving any issues that arise.


    3. Communication with players

    People involved in one investment fund, receiving regular profits from it, do not become friends, allies and colleagues. You cannot trust them. If someone advises to invest in a highly profitable project, but cannot provide economically sound evidence of his future success, you can not follow him. If the administrator claims that this or that hype will bring big profits, so you need to invest in it faster, you need to stop and think twice before investing.

    4. Diversification

    You can not invest in only one investment project. It is better to distribute them in the most important and interesting directions. In some hyps you can even participate with 10 dollars, so you need to expand your investment portfolio to at least 7-10 elements. If one of them goes bankrupt, the cost of it will be beaten off from other projects. Hyip investments should be measured.

    5. Initial capital

    The first steps in investing should be accompanied by deposits that are not afraid to lose. A beginner should be mentally prepared to say goodbye to the amount that he has now put on the account. Each person has his own concept of minimum, but you should definitely not go into high-profit projects from high rates. You need to play only on your own, not borrowed funds. Real earnings on HYIPs can be obtained in a few months, and you will have to give interest on the loan regularly.

    6. Break-even day calculation

    After the first investment in Hyip, it is important to immediately clarify the interest on the tariff, calculate the day when the entire amount entered into the project is withdrawn from the system, and the investor starts to make a net profit. Make a repeated contribution to hype only after a day without loss.

    7. The constant withdrawal of profits

    Any hype can one day close, so you need to constantly withdraw earned interest from it. Better to do it daily. Usually, the withdrawal operation does not take more than a couple of hours, and the discipline regarding cash withdrawal will save the novice investor from losing a large amount of money.

    8. Social activity during participation in the project

    The success of hype depends on the investment of a large number of people. If they invest in it, the fund will not close. To attract additional investors, it is recommended to conduct active advertising in social networks and forums.


    You need to write only the truth, but then every day. The data with the first payments should appear on the network. You should even attach a screenshot of the translation. With the permission of other investors, you can post information about their withdrawals and the size of the investment portfolio. When other users see real people behind the hype, they will also carry their money into the project.

    9. If Hyip Closes

    If hype has ceased to fulfill its obligations to investors, this moment is called scam. This happens for the following reasons:

    • Hacking profiles of resource administrators (allegedly the money was stolen by third parties, it is impossible to prove the opposite).
    • Incompetent actions of one trader or hype employee.
    • Unfulfilled financial obligations of partners.

    Most often, they are far-fetched, but investors fail to return the investment. In order not to get into the scam, you need to carefully analyze the hype before starting cooperation.

    Signs of a scam hype project in the near future:

    • Technical problems on the company’s website, various attacks and infected software, reducing the number of unique visitors.
    • Support is not responding to customer requests.
    • Problems of withdrawing money.
    • A sharp jump in the promised profit (from 3% to 30%).
    • Aggressive advertising campaign, change of the representative of the fund.
    • A large number of negative reviews on the network.

    If there are sharp incomprehensible changes in the policy of the fund, it is worth withdrawing your money from it, or at least reduce the size of the investment.

    Participation in the referral program

    Attracting referrals will help to extract additional profit for the investor, therefore, earnings on the affiliate program should not be neglected. You can search for other players on your blog or in the social network group while posting payout information.

    Highly profitable investments on the Internet bring good returns, but often cause a large amount of money to be lost, so you should be careful not to invest large amounts in one hype, withdraw profits daily and follow the news of the financial program.

    List of the best Hyip forums 2020

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    Recently, HYIP projects are gaining great popularity, and with them HYIP forums. On the forums you can find feedback on investment projects from the investors themselves, program conditions, cash payment conditions

    A regular Google search finds a ton of HYIP forums, but how not to get confused in them and identify the best?

    We decided to figure out which HYIP forums exist and decided to put together a list of HYIP forums in the English language environment. And, you will only need to register with them and find the information you need!


    The main HYIP forums that are most famous:




    The purpose of this article is to collect for you the most relevant information on HYIP forums so that you can join them and receive first-hand information from investors.


    If you need to increase the profit of your project, then contact us for a promotional video presentation! Our works –


    I will name the reasons for joining such a forum right now:


    – You will receive high-quality and verified information about any investment program from the investors themselves
    – You will always be up to date with all updates about all about the programs, as well as their solvency
    – Here you can learn about other methods of making money on the Internet.
    – Most HYIP forums allow you to post your referral link.

    Hyip all monitor.What is the best monitoring of HYIP projects 2020?

    HYIP monitor – an advertising platform for investment projects (HYIP projects), which monitors their performance. HYIP takes to its site all the projects for which they paid. This will be a serious hyip project with design, offices and employees, and a quickly done non-serious project, which may close in a few months or days. If the owner of the project paid the monitoring administrator – they add it to the site and advertise.

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    How does HYIP monitoring work?

    The HYIP monitor earns by posting HYIP projects on its website. HYIP project administrators pays for advertising on the monitor. If the project administrator pays $ 500 for monitoring advertising, then monitoring keeps $ 100 of it, and contributes $ 400 to the project, so that he can then derive interest and show that this project pays. And the percentage of the advertised project is the second source of monitoring earnings.

    HYIP monitor conducts daily tracking of payments on deposits and monitors the relevance of the status of the HYIP program and project.

    Unfortunately, not always HYIP monitors can fairly evaluate a project. The administrators of HYIP projects are tricky – they stop making payments to all participants, except for monitoring. And since HYIP monitors rarely can track the real situation, they have a HYIP project that does not pay, it may be with the status of “pays”.

    Often unscrupulous administrators of HYIP monitors post untruthful information on their advertising site for money.

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    Many people ask, what is HYIP?

    Many people ask, what is HYIP? “High Yield Investment Program” – such a program (hereinafter referred to as the project) is a business that is built on attracting investors and their money.

    The most striking example of such a project is the BANKING SYSTEM. She grants loans at the expense of deposits, deposits of individuals and legal entities, earning interest. The essence of HYIP projects is that the project collects the contributions of some and, minus its percentage, gives them to others. If the percentage of delivery is not high, then such a project can exist for years, if high, then the project can be short-term.

    HYIP projects are divided into three main types: – high-interest – the depositor’s income is expected to exceed 50% per month of the deposit amount. Typically, such projects are designed for a short time and can be risky. – medium interest – projects with an interest rate of 25% to 50%. The largest group of hyip (HYIP). They have the opportunity to implement the most balanced financial policy and marketing. Their life time is from one and a half to two years. It is in such hype programs and projects that it is most safe to invest. – low interest – HYIPs with an interest rate of less than 25%, which can exist freely for decades. These are the least risky projects where you won’t make a lot of money, but the risk of losing money is reduced to zero. To have a decent income in such a project, you need to invest a large amount, and not everyone has the opportunity.

    How to make money on highs. In HYIP projects, those who entered the project at the initial stage and developed the largest branch of investors receive the greatest benefit. There are resources on the Internet for monitoring such HYIP projects that are relevant today. They indicate to investors who pay and who do not. Today it is possible to create your HYIP from scratch based on a ready-made script (engine) and design. We recommend that if you decide to create your own project, then create your own project with low rates, honest and for years!)

    What is HYIP Bitcoin?

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    You may have already seen the name “Bitcoin Hyip, or Bitcoin HYIP” somewhere.
    We will tell you what is Bitcoin HYIP and is it a good option for Bitcoin investors.

    What is HYIP? 
    HYIP – means a highly profitable investment program. They have existed for a long time and are not new to bitcoins or cryptocurrencies.

    Hype is a marketing scheme that involves the payment of income to earlier investors by money invested by new investors. As a result, you can really make good money if you enter early enough. However, this is not a very stable model. As soon as new investors stop coming, cash flow ceases, leaving many investors with significant losses. 

    To get high returns, HYIPs often attract investor money invested in projects such as stock or bond trading or sports betting. Bitcoin-hype works the same way, only with bitcoins as an investment currency. Those who work with bitcoin highpayers want to benefit from the increasing popularity of investing in cryptocurrencies, as well as from unhindered payments made by cryptocurrencies.

    One of the common options in HYIP Bitcoin is investing in a mining pool. The idea of ​​this is to send money to cryptocurrency mining, and the reward from mining is already paid to the participants.
    How can I find a real and less risky Bitcoin HYIP?
    For any investment in cryptocurrency, it is important to conduct your own thorough research. Find as much material about the program as possible before investing.
    If a scheme promises revenue of 1% per day or less, it is less risky than 60% per month.

    Bitcoin HYIPs – Briefly
    HYIPs should be processed similarly to ICOs or anything else on the blockchain. It is necessary to conduct your own research, and if you expect to double your money per month, know that you are at risk!
    Bear Market Report to the rescue! 
    The bear market guide will not only help you survive this crypto winter, but will also help you in the next run with the bulls.

    Legal side of HYIP projects.

    Conventional investment programs and projects are allowed in any country, but for some reason the word HYIP has taken on a negative connotation. This shade has fallen on all high-yield investment projects thanks to scammers, irresponsible owners, fly-by-night projects who want to MAKE money quickly. We are supporters of an honest and long-term business that will bring profit to investors who invest their funds for their own interest, and to project owners who organize these projects only within the framework of the legislation!
    We urge you to create only legal projects, register your project only in the country in which HYIP projects are allowed by law, and regularly pay taxes to the treasury of this state.

    Countries where the creation and organization of HYIP projects is FORBIDDEN!
    (Officially taken from

    Financial pyramids are illegal and directly prohibited in many countries: Australia, Austria, Albania, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Iran, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico. , Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Philippines, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Estonia, South Africa, Japan. The United Arab Emirates even introduced the death penalty for the creation and development of financial pyramids. In China, the death penalty is also possible for this [1] [2]. In some countries, where the criminal law does not contain a separate article providing for punishment for this act, the creation of a pyramid scheme may be classified as another crime. For example, in the Republic of Belarus in September 2016, the creators of the international financial pyramid were detained on charges of illegal business activity [3].
    In Russia, such activities are prohibited by Article 172.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (introduced by Federal Law No. 78-FZ of March 30, 2016) [4].

    If you have an idea to create your own investment project, make sure that all components comply with the law!
    Best regards, HYIPEXPRESS