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3D animation as a tool of attraction in 2021

August 30, 2021
Author: Admin

We use the services of a computer visualization system for infographics and budget 2D animation a lot, but we missed the most, perhaps, the most colorful 3D animation!

Examples of 3D animation videos you can see here – https://www.www.hyipexpress.com/cat_video/3d-animation/

3D animation is animation created in 3D by means of such software as:
1) Autodesk Maya
2) Autodesk 3DS MAX
3) Autodesk Softimage
4) Blender
5) ZBrush
6) Autodesk Mudbox
7) TopoGun
8) Cinema 4D


The main advantages of 3D animation:

1). Colorful and effective video
3D animation is perhaps the longest-lasting and most effective way of presentation for investment projects. Its effectiveness is that beautiful animation makes you watch the video to the end. As for the long-playing video, after six months, and after a year, the advertising presentation video remains relevant and does not get boring.

2) Clarity
With the help of any animation, and with the help of 3D animation this can be done even better, you can tell in detail about the product. Graphics, animation, diagrams all get their significance in the video.
3) Popular and fashionable

There is no such population and investor who would not like 3D animation. If an investor positively perceives what he sees, then it automatically falls on the company’s brand. It’s easy to post on social media and streaming services and will always be accepted. 2021 is declared the year of technology and 3D animation.



3D animation has NO flaws, but for the sake of truth about one nuance, I still animnul – 3D animation cannot be done in a week. Each element of 3D animation is often created manually, so it’s safe to take 30 working days to create a 3D animation video.