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HYIP investments

July 5, 2019
Author: Admin

Almost all hyip projects accept payments with Perfect Money, but it is dangerous to be limited to one EPS. A wallet with all the money may be hacked or the system will cease to exist at the most inopportune moment. Money on your account will be lost. You can google the news about the bankruptcy of Liberty Reserve, so that there is no desire to put all the eggs in one basket.

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It’s not worth the risk, it’s better to work with several payments at once:

  • Perfect Money;
  • AdvCash;
  • Cryptocurrency Bitcoin;
  • Payeer;
  • Qiwi;
  • Yandex Money;
  • Payza.1


1.The best for  HYIP investments

    HYIP analysis can take a long time until a new investor acquires connections and status in order to receive information from closed sources. At first, you can focus on leading bloggers, on the portfolios of active participants, but this is only part of the strategy. It is impossible to earn a lot, just repeating someone’s path. It is better to draw your own conclusions and invest a little on your own in high-yield projects. Only early entry into a successful Hyip program guarantees the greatest profit.

    What to look for when choosing a hype:

    1. The fund should have its own website, moreover, located on a paid hosting and domain. It is desirable to have a unique design and the absence of pictures from free photobanks. The more complicated the resource is made, the more useful information is on it, the more individual the CMS, the more the creators have invested in hype, therefore they will develop it.
    2. The Hyip project must have a secure SSL connection (the site is accessible only through the https protocol).
    3. The ability to pay a deposit to a HYIP from various payment systems (including by bank transfer) significantly increases its level.
    4. The more investment projects advertised on the Internet, the better, but not every promotion is beneficial for investors. If hype is promoted through forums and investment blogs, this indicates the seriousness of the developers. If the owners do not spend time on theoretical calculations, but simply connect a large number of Hyip-monitoring, this indicates an imminent failure.
    5. You need to choose Hyip with real numbers. Only scammers and fools can promise a daily return of 60% and 30%, you should not give your money to either one or another (unless this is a fund from the category of hourly doublers who live a maximum of several days – this is not our case, there is a lot to earn will not work). It is better to choose a hype with daily payments of up to 3-5%.
    6. The longer the investment plan of the project, the more it must live. We must not chase for momentary benefits, but for a stable daily receipt of money.
    7. It will be nice to see independent information about hype in the network to see the real situation and statistics of payments.
    8. Before investing in Hyip, you should talk to the site support team or developers. The prompt response to the question should help draw a conclusion about the appropriateness of financing.


    2. Choosing a partner for investments in hype projects

    To gain a foothold in the program, you should go into it under a status partner, preferably a public person, and not an anonymous user. Only an experienced investor will help later with the payment of insurance and a refback, plus will assist in resolving any issues that arise.


    3. Communication with players

    People involved in one investment fund, receiving regular profits from it, do not become friends, allies and colleagues. You cannot trust them. If someone advises to invest in a highly profitable project, but cannot provide economically sound evidence of his future success, you can not follow him. If the administrator claims that this or that hype will bring big profits, so you need to invest in it faster, you need to stop and think twice before investing.

    4. Diversification

    You can not invest in only one investment project. It is better to distribute them in the most important and interesting directions. In some hyps you can even participate with 10 dollars, so you need to expand your investment portfolio to at least 7-10 elements. If one of them goes bankrupt, the cost of it will be beaten off from other projects. Hyip investments should be measured.

    5. Initial capital

    The first steps in investing should be accompanied by deposits that are not afraid to lose. A beginner should be mentally prepared to say goodbye to the amount that he has now put on the account. Each person has his own concept of minimum, but you should definitely not go into high-profit projects from high rates. You need to play only on your own, not borrowed funds. Real earnings on HYIPs can be obtained in a few months, and you will have to give interest on the loan regularly.

    6. Break-even day calculation

    After the first investment in Hyip, it is important to immediately clarify the interest on the tariff, calculate the day when the entire amount entered into the project is withdrawn from the system, and the investor starts to make a net profit. Make a repeated contribution to hype only after a day without loss.

    7. The constant withdrawal of profits

    Any hype can one day close, so you need to constantly withdraw earned interest from it. Better to do it daily. Usually, the withdrawal operation does not take more than a couple of hours, and the discipline regarding cash withdrawal will save the novice investor from losing a large amount of money.

    8. Social activity during participation in the project

    The success of hype depends on the investment of a large number of people. If they invest in it, the fund will not close. To attract additional investors, it is recommended to conduct active advertising in social networks and forums.


    You need to write only the truth, but then every day. The data with the first payments should appear on the network. You should even attach a screenshot of the translation. With the permission of other investors, you can post information about their withdrawals and the size of the investment portfolio. When other users see real people behind the hype, they will also carry their money into the project.

    9. If Hyip Closes

    If hype has ceased to fulfill its obligations to investors, this moment is called scam. This happens for the following reasons:

    • Hacking profiles of resource administrators (allegedly the money was stolen by third parties, it is impossible to prove the opposite).
    • Incompetent actions of one trader or hype employee.
    • Unfulfilled financial obligations of partners.

    Most often, they are far-fetched, but investors fail to return the investment. In order not to get into the scam, you need to carefully analyze the hype before starting cooperation.

    Signs of a scam hype project in the near future:

    • Technical problems on the company’s website, various attacks and infected software, reducing the number of unique visitors.
    • Support is not responding to customer requests.
    • Problems of withdrawing money.
    • A sharp jump in the promised profit (from 3% to 30%).
    • Aggressive advertising campaign, change of the representative of the fund.
    • A large number of negative reviews on the network.

    If there are sharp incomprehensible changes in the policy of the fund, it is worth withdrawing your money from it, or at least reduce the size of the investment.

    Participation in the referral program

    Attracting referrals will help to extract additional profit for the investor, therefore, earnings on the affiliate program should not be neglected. You can search for other players on your blog or in the social network group while posting payout information.

    Highly profitable investments on the Internet bring good returns, but often cause a large amount of money to be lost, so you should be careful not to invest large amounts in one hype, withdraw profits daily and follow the news of the financial program.